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Solution- focused design.

With unparalleled determination and over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience, I know how to get the job done.

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Explore the problem space deeply, craft user-friendly solutions

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My clients are my partners. Together, we'll work to learn about the users of your services. I take the time to research and understand the problem at hand before working to create a solution for both you and your users.

about me

Thorough Discovery

Understanding the problem is critical to a project's success; I avoid a fixed mindset and pivot when appropriate.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Trust that my solutions will benefit both your business and your consumers - they're two sides of the same coin.

Excellent Quality

I provided a robust package of high-quality deliverables that are ready for implementation with ways to measure success.

Highly Skilled

Know that I hold an incredibly wide range of user experience skills which allow me to work with any project you have.

Work process

I use tried and true UX research methods like User Interviews, Heuristic Evaluations, and Usability Testing to develop a deep understanding of the product and users.

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I purposefully spend time ideating and engage in divergent thinking. It is important to cast a wide net and explore several potential ideas - not just the obvious ones.

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I take an iterative approach to designing a potential solution. From sketching wireframes to visual mockups, my work increases in fidelity with each new deliverable.

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With interactive prototypes, I take time to test the solution and make updates to improve the experience. I also take time to socialize the solution with stakeholders.

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